The latest home décor inspiration and advice from Modern Accents.

Sizzling Summer Favourites

July 14, 2022
It finally feels like summer and the shop is sizzling with lots of new summer arrivals and plenty of decor ideas for your home both inside and out. Here are some of our favourites. One of our favourite new arrivals are these beautiful pieces. These accents are so dynamic and

10 Summer Settings

June 17, 2022
Whether you are looking forward to entertaining guests this summer or just want to put a little summer spin on your everyday table settings and dinnerware selections we have you covered with some great ideas and tableware in store. There is a look for everyone and every occasion from casual

Styling with Trays

June 2, 2022
The serving tray has become more then just a way to serve up your favourite drinks or hors d’oeuvres. Of course a beautiful serving tray can still be used and appreciated for its traditional purposes, but we encourage you to embrace their versatility as a styling piece and way to

Serving up Summer

May 21, 2022
We have decided to channel some summer vibes in store and in our latest blog and hopefully the weather will follow. We are serving up some inspiration for your summer tables and decor and sharing some new arrivals that will have you excited to set a beautiful spread for guests

To Mom with Love

April 29, 2022
Mom’s often give so much of themselves to us and others so it is nice to give them a little something back at this time of year on Mother’s Day. Every mom is so unique and you will find some great gift ideas that will bring joy, even to the

Choosing the perfect coffee table

April 25, 2022
The coffee table is a staple piece of furniture that most of us probably have in our living room or sitting and family rooms, but have you stopped to think about its impact on your room, its function and how it fits in with your other furnishings and accent pieces?

Alternative Ideas for your Easter Table

April 12, 2022
Do you have plans for Easter or a fun spring gathering ahead? We are sharing some great ideas that will have you hopping in to get your tabletop set minus the bunnies. Don’t get us wrong. We love the cute bunnies, Easter eggs and chicks that come with the season,

Custom Furniture…Yes We Can!

March 16, 2022
More and more, we are seeing customers coming through our doors, looking for furniture and they are discovering that yes, we do have some amazing pieces to choose from. We even have some options to customize the perfect sofa or accent chair. The fact that Modern Accents is an amazing

Set for Spring

March 6, 2022
We love it when the tulips come out. We realize we might have to wait a little bit longer for these beloved signs of spring to bloom outdoors, but after a long winter, and year for that matter, we are excited to be setting things up for spring indoors and

Interior Gold

February 24, 2022
It’s an Olympic Year and in celebration of so many gold medal performances why not talk a little about the wins you will make in your interiors with some gold of your own. At first it seemed that the comeback of gold accents was just going to be a short