LUXE by Modern Accents

We recently launched an exciting and exclusive collection of home decor pieces specially curated for Modern Accents and our clients. If you haven’t had the opportunity to aquaint yourself with these exquisite pieces in person yet, we want to officially introduce you to LUXE by Modern Accents.

What can you expect from this collection?

The collection brings you pieces with sophistication and artistry and includes luxurious vases, dynamic wall art pieces and other accents that will elevate your spaces and have you relishing in their beauty and uniqueness. These are also exquistely hand finished products and you can expect quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in each piece.

Also expect to find something for every taste and style. The pieces are crafted in so many different beautiful materials and celebrate a variety of textures, finishes and shapes.

The details…

With so many different pieces to choose from within the LUXE by Modern Accents collection it was hard to decide which ones to highlight here, but we have pulled a few favourites with some more details.

Oh if these heads could talk!?! Striking in crisp white ceramic these statuaries are far from ordinary and make a whimsical statement with their beautiful butterflies perched on each face. They are meant to symbolize the “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” design and will make an amazing focal point in your space.

The alluring green exterior of these bud vases and bowl will add some eyecatching colour to your home. The green will harmonize perfectly with natural elements and that casual elegant style that is trending right now. Complemented by a bronze interior and an amazing high-quality ceramic finish these pieces are simply stunning. The organic shape and abstract edges make these modern, yet timeless in their artistry.

This part of the collection celebrates the symphony of contrasts. The pieces showcase the interplay of texture and shape as well as light and dark. The combination of black and white really does transend trends and brings luxury and enduring style to any space.

Our LUXE by Modern Accents collection also includes a lot of beautiful art glass pieces. These pieces are an excellent way to bring light and subtle colour to your space and again they will add unique artful flare to your design aesthetic with their non uniform shaping and amazing textures.

The whimsical and unique pieces continue with these great pieces for grouping and we are excited for you to get designing with them in your own spaces. They can be used to tell a story or start a conversation perhaps? Your coffee table will become extraordinary! You won’t even need a movie to enjoy this popcorn.

This is just a glimpse at some of the pieces in this new collection and so we do invite you to experience the full scope of LUXE by Modern Accents in person. With so many pieces to choose from we also would like to remind you that we can help you pull things together for your specific space when you book an in-home design consultation. We can’t wait to see your spaces styled with LUXE!