Striking Design with Black and White

Black and white have forever been popular in interior design, whether paired with one another for their striking contrast, used as focal accents or used individually in a more monochromatic way. Regardless, the use of black and white, is really timeless and the options for infusing them into your interiors are endless. We would like to share some of our favourite pieces and then also offer some tips to successfully style a striking space using black and white.


Above are just a few selections from our collection of black and white accents at Modern Accents. Add them to you own collection to create a stunning black and white space. You could choose to start off with a unique modern rug design, a contemporary piece of furniture in stark black, or artfully sprinkle touches of black and white throughout your space with stunning accent pieces and even dinnerware. A stunning artwork that uses both black and white can be the perfect piece to tie everything together.


Perhaps the lack of colour just isn’t your style? Try something a little unexpected and literally throw some colour at your scheme like we did below with rich blue and white throw pillows on this stunning black velvet sofa. We think the colour ads an extra element of interest and depth.

The various textures of the pillows and upholstery invite you to cozy in and take a seat. Oh and note how the artwork on the left brings the vignette together.

Remember that using black and white results in the greatest possible contrast between two tones. That fact opens up magnificent design opportunities to highlight specific gorgeous details in your space. These sleek modern birds become a highlighted focal point, especially with a black wall behind them. You may even have architectural elements in your home that you could emphasize using this same idea of white-on-black or vice versa.

This also brings us to the suggestion that you can help with the transition between such contrasting tones of crisp white and black by introducing some natural wood pieces and even metals.


You may be familiar with the rule in decorating that says that “every room can use a touch of black.” Black is such a strong colour, so using it adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room. It helps catch the eye for sure!

White on white colour schemes can also be modern and sophisticated and have become particularly popular recently. There is definitely something refreshing and inviting about the light created by a space designed monochromaticly with white.
Finally if you aren’t quite ready to go all in on a black and white space, why not have some fun trying it out during the upcoming holiday season. Here is a sneak peek at some fun accents that might do the trick.