Fall 2020 Trends

What do you think of when you think of fall? It is the time of year when we take a little time to revisit current trends and look forward to some exciting changes in interior design that will help you cozy into the new season and even beyond into next year. It turns out that many of the trends being discussed by industry experts are just what you will need to cozy into fall and find comfort in your living spaces.

All things tactile

More then ever we want to feel comfortable in our homes. Textural throws, layered area rugs, and soft fabrics like velvet are a great way to accomplish this. You could go with velvet furnishings or transition in a smaller way with velvet and textural throw pillows.


Bouclé fabric is also going to be huge going into fall. We love how it softens the modern feel of this great little ottoman.

We are also seeing a trend towards introducing accents like vases and other decorative accessories that have an engaging tactile experience. Objects that invite you to want to touch them because of their interesting textures and design.




Layered lighting

The days are getting shorter so lets celebrate light, that is the warm light that can be achieved in your interiors with layered lighting that evokes emotion or dramatically changes up a space by highlighting certain focal points of interest. Turn off your overhead lights in the evening and light candles or use accent lighting and lamps. For a safer option to traditional candles we have some amazing LED candles that look very life like.





Romance and femininity

Speaking of candlelight, we are seeing a tendency towards accents that evoke romantic style and femininity. These new high quality melamine pieces from Beatriz Ball are so feminine with their ruffle-like shape. You will have to look twice to realize they are melamine and not ceramic. Which piece below do you think is actually ceramic? We will be surprised if you were able to differentiate the ceramic piece on the far right from the others.



Nature’s palette

I believe we have brought this up in other posts, but it is important to note that the idea of bringing nature indoors is here to stay. Especially in these stressful times, creating a soothing space is so important and adding touches of nature can instantly offer a calming effect and a feeling of wellness. Creating some flower or foliage arrangement, even if faux can go a long way in making you feel at home and happy with the change of seasons. Also, the tactile trend that we mentioned before can be introduced with some of our natural wood accents and furnishings. Greens and blues are forecasted to continue being popular in interiors and are from nature’s pallette after all.




Softer approach to modern

In a time filled with so much uncertainty creating softer more comfortable spaces is trending. So is the idea of designing with elements that look familiar from the past, but that are decidedly modern. Look for accents that have classical elements, but that have a modern twist. It could be an accent piece that has traditional design or pattern, but is made of a modern material or it could be a piece of furniture that has traditional lines, but that is upholstered in a modern fabric or has a mix of modern elements thrown in.


The gold piece above and floral bowl below are part of some new collections we are carrying from Julia Knight.




Are you ready to embrace the comforts of home and transition your interiors for fall? We look forward to helping you pull things together  at Modern Accents and there will be even more exciting on trend arrivals to come.