Come Around to Round

Many an important social gathering and family conversation happens around a dining table so it is important to get your dining table selection right and shape does matter. Before you go out and pick out a traditional rectangular or even square table don’t rule out round.

A round table invites guests to have an equal opportunity to participate in conversation. Since King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table a circular table eliminates seating hierarchy and makes your table friendly. Sorry if you liked being the head of the table, but wouldn’t you rather be among a circle of friends? You also won’t be missing out on the big news shared at the opposite end of the table at a round table or miss out on the dish that you were afraid to ask to be passed down.

Corners and edges have their place, but the lack of corners on a round table allows for more space and flow. A smaller footprint allows people to get to their seat more easily, especially in smaller spaces and further to this point have you ever had the uncomfortable feeling of rubbing shoulders at an over-crowed rectangular table? At a round dinner table everyone is at a slight angle to those next to them so you can enjoy your meal in your own personal space and hey after dinner who doesn’t love to unwind with some easy conversation or a game of cards? Round is the perfect shape for that!

Now let’s face it, you are probably here as you love beautiful design and a big part of your decision in selecting a table is how it will look in your space. So how does a round table suit your style? A round table can be set formal or informal and its all-round symmetry makes it enjoyable to style. The clean, soft lines of a circular shape are visually appealing and a nice contrast to the usual square angles of most home architecture.

We love rectangular and square tables too so don’t count them out either, but whatever dining table you choose, enjoy the gatherings at it in your style!

Here are a few round tablescapes to inspire you: